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Kinesiology FAQ

What Happens In A Kinesiology Session?

Melissa will take a thorough case history of both your physical and emotional health issues, talking about areas she can help you with.  Melissa will then spend a few minutes explaining kinesiology and how it works and then will spend the remainder of the session working with you and your body to experience the amazing tool that is kinesiology. During a kinesiology session you lie on a comfortable massage table fully clothed while Melissa uses a simple muscle test with your arm to access your own innate wisdom.  Clients often comment on feeling deeply relaxed during and after the session.

What is muscle testing?

Kinesiology muscle testing is a scientific yet energetic way to pinpoint where the energy block is in the body’s different structures, therefore discovering underlying causes to conditions. Muscle testing is done by the client holding their arm in a position, the practitioner then applies gentle pressure which the client resists. The intelligence of the body communicates to the practitioner literally by the way in which the client’s arm responds.

Why choose Kinesiology for your natural therapy?

Kinesiology uncovers the root causes of physical, emotional and psychological problems. Think of it as receiving an all-in-one treatment, as it has aspects of all these different types of therapies: Acupuncture, Reiki, Lymph treatment, Physiology and Chinese Medicine


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