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Conditions Treatable with Bowen Therapy

If you experience any of the following conditions, you no longer have to live with pain and discomfort. Bowen therapy can help relieve and alleviate many conditions, including:  


Headaches or migraine

Back pain and sciatica

Lymphatic drainage

Muscular aches or stiffness

Neck/shoulder problems & frozen shoulder

Sports & accident injuries

Whiplash & motor vehicle injuries

Pregnancy related conditions

Sprains or strains

Elbow or joint pain

Menstrual irregularities & menopausal symptoms

Postural balance

Depression & anxiety

Knee & ankle ailments

RSI & carpal tunnel syndrome

Bunions, Hammer & Claw toes

Flat feet

Plantar Fascitis

Digestive & bowel problems including IBS


Respiratory problems including Asthma

Bladder issues and bedwetting

Sinus Hayfever

Stress & tension


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