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About Kinesiology

It is hard to imagine…. from conception to the present day, every breath, every movement is stored in your body in your muscle memory.

For instance, if you think about starting a new job and feel nervous about that, your muscles reflect this stress. If we change the neurological pattern then the thought pattern is influenced to change and the change of thought pattern is reflected back to the physical in the muscles and entire body.

Muscle testing uncovers both neurological and organic imbalances in the body. By combining Eastern philosophy of Chinese meridian techniques, with western techniques of osteopathic and counselling modalities, with both hemispheres of your brain (left or logical, side and right creative / intuitive side) working in harmony, emotional/mental issues can be addressed.

Kinesiology creates an efficiency of neurological function, through bodywork referring back into the nervous system, using acupressure and muscle checks.

Kinesiology can also assist in reducing stress and supporting new behaviours, integrating your health on all levels - body, mind and spirit.  

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